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Wild Apricot has a great self service resource. This resource is helpful to membership, board and committee members.  

How to Run Reports

EOA Technology presentation from 1/28/2023 

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Troubleshooting FAQs

Q: How do I know which system is being referenced?

A: Club Express is the old system while Wild Apricot is the new website and membership system. Check the URL on your web browser to know in which system you are working.

Q: I did not have a Club Express Account/EOA membership but I would now like to create one.

A: Go to and follow the instructions to create your account.   

Q: How do I update my contact information (Name, Email, Phone #, etc)

A: Login to your account , click on your name (upper right and side) and then select edit profile.

Q: How do I access my invoices?

A: Login to your account , click on your name (upper right and side) and then select invoices and payments.

Q: How do I access the document library?

A: The document library has been moved to the google drive, it can be access by logging in and clicking on resources and document library. You must be logged in to access the page.

Q: My Wild Apricot account is showing as expired and it should be showing as paid. Or I had a Club Express account and it did not get transferred over.  

A: Please submit a to update your membership. 

Q:  How long will I be able to access my Club Express account?

A:  You will be able to access Club Express through until the end of January of 2023. 

Q: I am an EOA Board member and/or serve on a committee that will need to be trained on how to use Wild Apricot.

A: Please send an email to to setup a training.  

Q: Some of my profile information did not get transferred from Club Express to Wild Apricot.

A: All information may have not been transferred from Club Express, users will need to renter any missing information manually into Wild Apricot. 

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